About us 

People have asked me, why Alice’s Attic when my name is Nancy? Alice is my maternal grandmother’s name.  Grandma Alice was a fun, energetic person who loved to spend time with my two sisters and me.  When we were with her we would play with paper dolls, put on dance shows wearing her dresses and make tents in her living room.  Grandma Alice is also the person that bought me my first Barbie doll, and created in me a life long love affair with Barbie.

 My own granddaughters got me hooked on the American Girl dolls.  I love to select the clothes and accessories that we carry in our store. After I have narrowed down the selection from the choices available, I have my granddaughters give me their opinion on what to purchase.  I am confident that today’s girls will love our choices.

 My business partner/husband and I work to keep the styles current and the prices affordable. 

 We hope you enjoy shopping our products, as well as have a great shopping experience with us, whether online, in our store or at a vendor fair we have a booth at.